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Patriot of Persia:<!--nosearch-->

Price: $27.99
Member Price: $25.20
Author: de Bellaigue, C
Publisher: HarperCollins, May 15 2012
Format: HC, 320pp
Region: Central Asia
Country: Iran
Here, for the first time, is the political and personal life of a remarkable patriot, written by our foremost observer of Iran. Drawing on sources in Tehran and the West, Christopher de Bellaigue reveals a man who not only embodied his nation's struggle for freedom but also was one of the great eccentrics of modern times--and uncovers the coup that undid him. Above all, the life of Muhammad Mossadegh serves as a warning to today's occupants of the White House and Downing Street as they commit to further intervention in a volatile and unpredictable region. (Harpercollins)
Pre-sale book available May 15, 2012