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The Adventures of Amir Hamza

Price: $25.00
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Author: Ghalib Lakhnavi, Abdullah Bilgrami (Translator: Musharraf Ali Farooqi)
Publisher: Random House Publishing Group, 10/08
Format: Paperback, 992pp
Region: Central Asia
Country: Central Asia
In the tradition of such beloved classics as "The Thousand and One Nights" and the Persian "Shahnameh", here is the first unabridged English translation of a major Indo-Persian epic, "The Adventures of Amir Hamza" (Dastan-e Amir Hamza), a panoramic tale of magic and passion, and a classic hero's odyssey that has captivated much of the world. Here is the spellbinding story of Amir Hamza, the adventurer who loves Mehr-Nigar, the daughter of the Persian emperor, Naushervan. Traveling to exotic lands in the service of his emperor, Amir Hamza defeats many enemies, loves many women, and converts hundreds of infidels to the True Faith of Islam before finding his way back to his first love. Guided by a Merlin-like clairvoyant called Buzurjmehr, protected by legendary prophets, and accompanied by his loyal friend, the ingenious trickster Amar Ayyar, Amir Hamza rides his devoted winged demon-steed, Ashqar, into combat against a marvelous array of opponents, from the deadly demon, Sufaid Dev, to his own rebellious sons. Appreciated as the seminal Islamic epic or enjoyed as a sweeping tale as rich and inventive as Homers epic sagas, "The Adventures of Amir Hamza" is an extraordinary creation and a true literary treasure.