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Charlene Wang

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Charlene Wang is the founder of Tranquil Tuesdays, a socially consious Beijing-based company committed to empowering women and making artisanal tea and teaware. Tranquil Tuesdays works to bring back ancient tea traditions by working closely with farmers in rural China, to cultivate the best naturally grown tea in the country, and with young designers from Jingdezheng, the home of fine Chinese pottery. Wang describes Tranquil Tuesdays as "taking a very classical, traditional, ancient art and give it a kind of contemporary twist. We aim to make a fresh vision of what it means to be Chinese."

Tranquil Tuesdays believes just as the flavors and aromas of tea slowly develop and reveal their inherent qualities as you let it steep, with the proper training, support, and encouragement, any woman can live up to here full potential and work in a job that showcases her innate talents.

Tranquil Tuesdays China ware