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Hodsdon Kokeshi dolls are inspired from the Japanese culture, nature and the natural beauty of wood. Being a Japanese-American, Lisa has been traveling for many years and was inspired from the Japanese cultures. Each doll is unique, one of a kind. All dolls are signed on the bottom with a combined signature of Jacob and Lisa. The Hodsdon’s, use native, local, reclaimed, and locally bought hardwoods from the Finger Lakes region of New York. Jacob oversees the woodturning and Lisa specializing in painting design.

The origin of the Kokeshi dolls dates back around 200 years. They first emerged in the northeast part of Japan known as the Tohoku region. Wood turners of Japan who normally specialized in wooden bowls and utensils began to make the dolls during the winter months to sell at the hot springs near there villages. Though the woods vary, Mizuko (dogwood) and cherry are the most common for the Japanese dolls. Kokeshi dolls are believed to bring prosperity and joy to any space they occupy.

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