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Sikara is Modern Fusion Jewelry and is a reflection of Mousumi Shaw’s life as a first generation Indian-American. Sikara is inspired from the Indian word, Shikara, which means houseboat. It symbolizes the journey we take in life which results in a fusion of experiences. . Mousumi travels the world, where she works with her team of inspirational designers to create international collections. Although her ancestral roots are from India, Mousumi has been influenced by a multi-cultural world. Her travel and life experiences in over thirty countries have become engrained in her personality, her sense of style and the design of Sikara. "Fusion" represents our lives in today's world. It is a blend of our past heritage and a new modern spirit.

Mousumi is passionate about everything she pursues in life, which is why Sikara is so special to her. Her passion for traveling internationally rose out of her deep desire to better understand our world: to understand the history of countries, to hear the stories of the local people and of course to experience their culture.

She is also dedicated to the mission of empowering others through entrepreneurship and leadership with her role on the Advisory Board of C.E.O. Women, a nonprofit helping immigrant woman to start their own businesses and as a founding member of Indus Women Leaders.

Mousumi graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a B.A. in South Asia Regional Studies and a B.S. in Economics from the Wharton School. She recently finished her joint masters degree at Harvard Business School and the Kennedy School of Government. During her time off, she enjoys photography (she's responsible for all the travel photography on this website!), spending time with her family and friends, rowing on the river and gallivanting around the globe.

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