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The Lucky Ones: One Family and the <br>Extraordinary Invention of Chinese America<!--nosearch-->

Price: $26.00
Member Price: $23.40
Author: Ngai,M
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 9/10
Format: HC, 304pp
Region: East Asia
Country: China
If youre Irish American or African American or Eastern European Jewish American, theres a rich literature to give you a sense of your familys arrival-in-America story. Until now, that hasnt been the case for Chinese Americans. From noted historian Mae Ngai, The Lucky Ones uncovers the three-generational saga of the Tape family. Its a sweeping story centered on patriarch Jeu Dips (Joseph Tapes) self-invention as an immigration broker in postgold rush, racially explosive San Francisco, and the extraordinary rise it enables. Ngai's portrayal of the Tapes as the first of a brand-new social type middle-class Chinese Americans, with touring cars, hunting dogs, and society weddings to broadcast it will astonish. Again and again, Tape family history illuminates American history. Seven-year-old Maimie Tape attempts to integrate California schools, resulting in the landmark 1885 Tape v. Hurley.(BIP)